Electric Roller Blinds

A Simple Style

With their clean lines, roller blinds complement modern architecture and interior design. They allow maximum shading with minimum window obstruction.

Roller blinds with electric operation offer a wide range of operating methods including fixed switch and remote control.


We offer an extensive array of fabrics, from transparent to dim-outs, these fabrics will add to any interior design scheme. As important as the hardware is, the selection of the right fabric to ensure a smooth and professionally working window treatment system is just as important.

We also offer digital printing, which is done on tested fabrics to guarantee the best outcome. Whatever application, shape, size and substrate, we have the experience to print, sew and deliver within your timeframe.

Quality & Precision

Materials used are rust free and UV resistant for sustained functionality and appearance over time.

The demand to create surroundings which provide a feeling of security and well being is elegantly met by the symbiosis of design fabrics and high technology.