Wave & Wave XL

Contemporary design

As an alternative to traditional pinch, pencil pleat or goblet style, Wave and Wave XL offer a more contemporary curtain presentation.

Wave curtains are minimalist in appearance and have been designed to create a flowing wave effect.

Wave is available for various curtain track systems from hand operated to electrically operated, and Metropole.

Wave effect

When opened the curtains stack back neatly and straight and when closed the fabric hangs in a smooth, continuous wave effect. The look is achieved through a combination of a unique heading tape and a wave glider-cord, to ensure the fabric hangs in a soft even pattern.

We offer a wide range of fabric styles and colours. By choosing one of these specially tested fabrics you can be assured of a perfect curtain.

Acoustic properties

Rooms where people work, communicate or relax are made up of sound absorbing surfaces. Window treatments are one of these surface and can play an important role in achieving acoustic goals.

All fabrics are sound absorbing, the thicker the fabric, the higher its effectiveness. Acoustic fabrics display a high acoustic potency compared to their tissue thickness.

As well as fabric properties, the way the fabric is used is critical. Wave and Wave XL have additional acoustic benefits as well as being a highly stylish solution.